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Tag for k-popers!

I got this k-pop tag from Nurhafzan ELF

Step to do this taggie:
1. Choose one k-pop band that you really love.
2. Answer the following question and relate it with the group that you have choose.

super junior M 

1. Why do you love / like this group?
i don't no why . i think when Nurd Culle' show me the MV  Perfection Super Junior M . At first i was like .. "neh .. x best la.. " then tibe tibe fall in love with Mochi ! he make my heart metl .. haha .. funny right .. i start to search
about Mochi and the more i search the more i fall in love with him .. >3< ! 

2. Who is your nampyeon, and state 3 things/habits about him/her that you love to see.

my nampyeon of course my Mochi ! i love all about him . his small eye . his big lips . how he treat his fan . and most important is that he know how to play violin and many musical instruments  ! that make me fall in love with him . he like to sing im yours by jason mraz and that is my favorite song ! and he can speak korean , english , cantones and mandarin . Mochi to take picture of himself where ever he was .. he just like to take picture ! really cute picture ! he like to play with his mouth when taking picture .. so immature and cute ! >3< 

3. What is their first song that you ever heard/knew and your first impression about it.
the first song that i heard or knew is Super Girl that one of my friend ask me to watch the Mv and i was like ' best ke ? xsyok pun .. ' haha because at that time i was in love with TVXQ .. and now that im in love with Mochi i will never look at another man ! >3<

4. If you have the opportunity to going out with one of group member, and what are you gonna do together?
if i have the opportunity to do so . but i would like to out with all of them and go on vacation with them . take them to the place the they can relax their mind.. if go out with only one member .. i will pick my Mochi ! i want to tell the world that im in love with him .. >3< ! and go on a sweet date amusement parks ! wear the same shirt .. wear the same CAP . haha .. i would like to hug his back when i scared and he hug my back when taking picture .. and he kiss me at the love tunnel .. >///< ! ala like in the korean drama .. haha >3< 

5. Give your encouraging word to them and not to be more than 15 words.
that i alway love you guys ! and my love will never change ! to Super Junior M Oppa fighting ! SARANGHAE !

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