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UKiss Comeback !

yeah UKISS Comeback with a new and fresh song.. called i think .. about keep yourself young and always be yourself .. dont care about what people say and just be yourself .. in this MV you guys can see that they work really hard and we Kiss Me must support UKiss by buying this album and not illegal donwload them.. it you guys notice .. UKiss member get even skinnyer .. look at Eli arm.. they are small .. i saw Eli arm before.. ELi arm is bigger than a timber you know ! we need to support UKiss ! Ukiss you guys need to eat more healthy food .. so you guys can be strong ! have the six-pack ! >//< 
ok thats all UKiss Fighting ! aja aja fighting ! =D

enjoy UKiss -NeverLand MV

thats all :D

Mochi Mochi :3

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