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new group !!

this photo ! ahah ni photo untuk MV "pease dont say" FIX .. new boy group ~~ lagi .. lagu die boleh la tahan 

this is the members of FIX ~~ ade empat orang . leader , maknae , vocal , rapper ~~ rapper die boleh cakap english .. maknae die sepupu wookie SJ suara boleh tahan cm wookie jugak ~~ tapi muke lagi comel kod ..

die orang under Groove Ent 

member Nuri , Sungwoo , Oh Song , Jung Wook ... jung wook tu sepupu wookie .. 

Last June, four member boy band FIX released "Please Let's Live a Little," a track featured on the OST for the drama "Big Heat." They were then scheduled to make their debut on the 2nd of July, but due to unknown reasons, it was postponed. 

However, it was recently speculated that they will, instead, officially debut on the 5th of January.

The group's leader, Nuri, recently updated his official Facebook account with a new photo telling fans that the group's debut is coming soon. Their official daum fancafe also updated its layout with a new banner that says "201201## Coming Soon" and confirmed that their debut will be in January.

FIX's line up consists of Nuri, Sungwoo, Ohsong, and Jungwook. Nuri is Korean-American and has featured on a number of artists' songs as a rapper. Sungwoo, who was a back-up dancer for a period of time, also featured on a number singles by other artists. Ohsong previously debuted in the mixed idol rock group Sponge Band, and released his own solo single in 2008. The maknae, Jungwook, is a former member of VANHAJA and is the cousin of Super Junior's Ryeowook.

After releasing their OST single, they also revealed a practice video and held a live showcase in which they performed "Beat It," another track featured on their OST single for "Big Heat."

The date has not yet been officially confirmed by Groove Entertainment, but seeing as it was mentioned on the official fancafe, a January debut is likely.  " ini aku amek kat goole ~~ haahha malas nak taip banyak banyak ~~ read it and you will know ~~ 

they have facebook,twitter,youtube and daum ..

wait for their debut stage ! 5 January 2012 ! ^^

this is the teaser ~~

Eunhyuk Hot ! 

-= the end =-

ThanKyu !!

the group picture :

aku ambil picture yang edit sahaja .. nak tgk lagi .. pergi kat Facebook page dgn twitter page die orang ^^ 

#oh ye saya punye Oh Song ! jangan kacau =.="

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